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Need Legal Help In California?

There is no doubt that being arrested for being under the influence, DUI, in California, is a bewildering experience. The police have charged you with drunk driving, or being unfit through the use of alcohol, or maybe it was because your driving was impaired by drugs or other substances. Regardless of what your particular situation, you shouldn’t have been driving.

Once you have accepted that fact, then you can begin to think a little more clearly about what you need to do next. The important point is not to panic. There are a large number of experienced California attorneys who specialize in cases just like yours, and have the experience to help you. You may be feeling embarrassed or ashamed, but you need to act as quickly as possible, to get the best defense possible.

The fact is that the California DUI laws are extremely complex, and you need a California drunk driving lawyer who can act for you, and navigate their way through the maze of laws, and ensure that your actions have the least possible impact on your life possible. You could be facing a large fine, suspension of your driving license, or maybe even a jail sentence, depending on the severity of your actions. However, an experienced California drunk driving lawyer can work to get you the lowest possible sentence.

So who do you turn to? The first step is to find a California drunk driving lawyer. The Internet is by far the best method to use for this. Remember that you want to find a lawyer who covers the area of California that you were arrested in, not necessarily where you live. This is because your case will be heard in the location that the offense occurred. A quick search on the Internet, using “San Jose drunk driving lawyer”, for example, will probably give you a long list of potential lawyers. You need to narrow them down. The first method to use to do this is to search for lawyers who have experience in cases similar to your own. The majority of lawyer’s websites will have sample cases, and include the outcome. These are likely to be the best ones for you. Next, you can see which of your shortlist offer a free consultation. This gives you a chance to discuss your case, without paying for the time, and give you a good idea whether you are comfortable with the particular lawyer. The majority of lawyers offer this service, so take advantage of it. There is nothing stopping you having a free consultation with more than one lawyer, to help you find the right one for you. Ask as many questions as you can, and be as honest with the lawyer as possible too. Always bear in mind that your driving license is at stake, and you could be facing a large fine or other sentence. You need to be sure that you find a lawyer who will fight to get you the lowest possible sentence. Your one indiscretion is also likely to impact you in the future too, with your vehicle insurance company. You need to have as much damage limitation as possible, so choose your lawyer carefully.