Drunk Driving

Celebrity Drunk Driving

Celebrity Foibles

You will find so many celebrities messing with drunk driving. The number is increasing day by day. You will find one or other in the newspapers every day.

Celebrity drunk driving make headlines. They make everybody talking. They make news. They become the target of the magazine, TV channels and online media. They get coverage and media space for wrong reasons.

They do this because of publicity in many cases. As they get all the attention from different media and people all over the country or world, they do something of this sort. They want attention, whether right way or wrong way. If it comes in a wrong way also most of them would not care. They need attention and they get it.

Another reason may be the abundance of money and name with ego. They think they can do whatever they want to, and so they do it. Most of them think they are above others and above the law. They really do not care because money power is a big power for them. Socialites, athletes, actors allsorts of celebrities have done it. You will find actors, musicians, politicians, athletes every type of celebrities in the list. Police lists have a good number of such celebrities in drunk driving cases. The list is increasing. DUI lawyers are employed to help the celebrities. They are also interested because they also become famous and their businesses soar. When an attorney has some celebrities in his client list, he makes a big good impression on other clients and would be clients. In most cases drugs and alcohol have been the causes for drunk driving. Celebrities and their parties are open to drugs and alcohol. There is nobody to restrict them from doing it. As the number of parties increases so the number of drunk driving cases also increases. Many got jail sentences for drunk driving. Many have landed in jail for DUI charges. The list of such celebrities is also long. The problem is recurring. Some are doing it again and again and some are doing it and making it in the list. Many of them were arrested more than once. Arrest can not deter them from doing it repeatedly. Some of them do not contest the charges. They simply admit that they did it. Mel Gibson did not protest his charges when he was arrested for DUI. Celebrities apologize publicly later for such acts. Mel Gibson did it in the same case. Some of the recent celebrities charged in drunk driving are Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Mike Tyson etc. Recently many players were into limelight because of drunk driving like Chris Henry, Deltha O'Neal and Odell Thurman to name a few. Some other celebrities who made it to the list are Academy Award nominated director Gus Van Sant, Tracy Morgan, Portland Pirates head coach Kevin Dineen, Loaiza, Haley Joel Osment, U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy and Molson Coors Brewing Co. mogul Pete Coors, Oakland A's pitcher Esteban, actor John Ventimiglia etc.