Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Accident

The Ongoing Tragedy Of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving accidents do not happen, they are invited. When you drive after drinking accidents may happen at any time. Drunk driving accidents happen because of the drunken state of the driver.

When you are drunk your mind is not in control. Alcohol affects your brain. The parts which take decision and quick action are impaired by alcohol action. So when you are not able to decide what is ahead of you and when you are not able to do anything quick you are sure to bump into the thing ahead. You will bump so hard that you are going to put your life and others too in danger.

Drunk driving may cause injury and death to the driver, passengers and the people on the streets. The accidents are high in different states and are increasing. It may also lead to damage of private and public property. In many cases accidents cause heavy losses of lives. The families of the driver and the victims suffer a lot due to such injury and death.

The victims of the accident will most probably suit you. The suit may eat up your money, time, patience and your relations. They will suit you for the death and injury and will try to get you penalties for the accident. You have to defend yourself. You have to pay compensation to the victims of the drunk driving accident. You will have to pay heavy compensation to the victims and survivors depending on the injury or death. The compensation can not b avoided once forced on even in case of bankruptcy. You have to pay it before you get the license back. As a result of the accident you will face the penalties. Drunk driving penalties are varied. You may face economical, legal financial penalties. Penalties may be strict or soft for you. You may lose your driving license, may get it revoked, may get it suspended. You may have to pay fine which may be heavy or light, you may land up in the prison also for different terms. These penalties may ruin you financially and can create problems for your future. To defend yourself, you will need a lawyer. You can find a lawyer at the place where the accident occurred. Search for a good lawyer and discuss your case with him. You have so many issues to deal with after the accident. Claims, suits, insurance matters, penalties and so on. You will need a lawyer to help you with all these. You will find drunk driving accident statistics from different organization including the transport authority. Upto 40 % of the traffic related deaths are due to drunk driving. Thousands of people are injured in such accidents. Many non profit organizations are working to reduce such accidents. SADD and MADD are two of them. All these accidents can be prevented by taking a comprehensive approach. Society, family, legal authority, state laws, governments can wok their parts to reduce such accidents to save many lives.