Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Deaths

2006 Drunk Driving Stats

Death caused by driving drunk is ever present and increasing every year. Crashes cause death of drivers, passengers and the people on the streets. Every year, many people die because of drunk driving and 2006 was also not an exception.

According to the NHTSA someone was dead every 31 minutes and someone was injured every 2 minutes in 2006. Studies revealed that male drivers were more involved in fatal crashes causing death than their female counterparts in 2006. The number of male drivers involved in death causing crashes is twice the number of female drivers.

More young people were involved in crashes that caused death, than older people in 2006. In 2006, almost 15% of the young drivers died in drunk driving vehicle crashes.The repetition of drunk driving offenses is more in cases of young drivers.

In 2006, around 20000 people died in US in alcohol-related traffic crashes. These deaths constitute almost 40 % of the total accidents. Many of the drivers were found with BAC more than .08. State wise the number varies. Alcohol related crashes kill almost 50 people a day. Each year almost 275, 000 people are also injured due to drunk driving. Why so many people die . . . People die in drunk driving because of the driver. The driver kills himself and the passengers. He also kills the people in the streets. At a sudden the accidents happen because the vehicles generally run at a higher speed at that time. Alcohol affects the brain parts that take decisions and actions. So a drunk driver can not decide what to do next and at what time. So, he causes the accidents and thus kills many people. Drunk drivers become impaired and he is no more in a state to think anything or do anything. More people died in 2006 drunk driving. Another reason for that was the alcohol present in their bodies. Most of the drivers arrested or dies had an alcohol presence of more than 0.08 % in their blood (BAC was more than 0.08%). When there is blood in the body the damage as result of crash is more. In the presence of alcohol human body become more vulnerable to the damage and damage to the body is more destructive then. So many people died because of alcohol presence also. In case any of your family member or relative died due to drunk driving accidents, you can sue the driver. There are so many organizations like SADD and MADD are there to help the drunk driving accident victims. You can get legal and other helps. In 2006 also these organizations helped many people to get the justice and compensation for such deaths. They also did their work to reduce the occurrence of death in drunk driving cases. They educated people, they forced governments to take strict action against drunk drivers, and they provide assistance to the victims. According to the statistics provided by them they are able to reduce the rate of deaths in such accidents by their efforts.