Drunk Driving


DUI - A Criminal Offense

Dui stands for Driving Under Influence of drugs or toxication. It is a big problem and common crime in many places. DUI is punishable under the law.

In common terms, DUI is called as drunk driving. When you drive your vehicle at a time when you had some intoxicating substance, it is called as drunk driving. Law describes it and the situations when it is called as DUI.

Whether a situation is DUI or not will be determined by the condition of the driver at the time of the incident. The driver of a motor vehicle should be found driving at the time of the incident and he should be found in a state of intoxication. Deciding the state of the driver is difficult. It is the main issue in debating the case of DUI in the court. Some on the spot tests can be done to find out the state of the driver. Some other tests are done later in laboratories. The level of BAC should be higher than the limit in the driver at the time of incident.

The alcohol limit permitted in the BAC varies from place to place. Depending on it the conviction of the driver is done. The penalties for DUI are varied and harsh. You may get your license cancelled, your number plate may be impounded, you may land in prison, or may end up with a criminal record. It may affect your future by some way or other in employment, govt jobs, movement etc. Dui is a criminal offense. The penalties vary from place to place. Most penalties are related with taking back the right to driving a vehicle. Economical penalty and corrective penalties may be forced on the guilty. Your future may be in jeopardy because of any instance of DUI. It may lead to criminal record in your name also. The rates of the insurance agencies may go up for you. All these measures together may be a deterrent to drinking while driving. Strict penalties and punishment will work better in many of the cases. People and government both are taking up the issue. Social organizations are up to address this issue. Government is also doing its work on the DUI issue. Different explanations of the law are available. The laws dealing with Dui are changing. It is becoming stricter now. The society, the home and you yourself can do a lot to reduce the instance of Dui. The society may help to consider the problem to a depth and may find out some solution to change the mentality of the young people who are mostly responsible for many of the cases. Society can turn up to remove the alcohol taking habit. Home can teach the youngsters to avoid driving after drinking. Strict following will help to get your children away from driving after drinking. You personally can avoid drinking before driving to show your family an example. When you are in any problem with DUI, you can take the help of a attorney. They are available for consultation.